Balm Foam Soap

$20.00 USD

Product Description

Cleansing foam to be used by artists during the tattooing process. 100% natural, no ingredients of animal origin with a neutral pH 5.5 This product is created by professional tattoo artists and dermatologists. The foam facilitates the process of cleaning the sensitive and sore skin of the client, significantly improving the discomfort associated with rubbing. It reduces bleeding and significantly improves the comfort and intensity of tattoo colors. With soothing and cleansing properties, it disinfects the area on which the tattoo is performed.


  • With Dragon Blood extract
  • Relieves swelling and irritation
  • Increases the comfort of work for the artist and client
  • It alleviates pain and redness.
  • Works anti-inflammatory and bactericidal
  • Moisturizes the skin


  • Neutral pH 5.5
  • It does not contain SOAP
  • Size: 200ML / 6.8oz

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